College Student App from Amazon Right in Time for Back to School

As a current college student, I’m always interested in what new apps there are for us broke college students.  Today Amazon released a new app geared directly at college students.

Students can use this app to buy textbooks, games, movies and anything else on Amazon or place them on a Wishlist.  With Amazon Student, you also get six months of Amazon Prime Shipping.

The coolest part of this app is the trade-in buyback feature.  Students can scan barcodes of books, movies, games and other products eligible for trade-in (which can be found once you scan the item) for Amazon gift cards.

I know this will be a great tool to use while I’m searching for the best price on my textbooks this year.  Amazon tends to have the better prices on textbooks but I’m always too lazy to write down what I need from the university bookstore and then go home and look it up on the website.  Now I can just scan the barcode of the book while I’m at the bookstore and I will know right then and there if I should buy the book from the campus bookstore or order it online.