Code In iTunes 8.2 Shows RDS Radio Capabilities, Tagging, Nike+?

Strings of code have been found in the new iTunes 8.2 released earlier this week revealing new radio tagging capabilities that would offer a way to buy tagged songs in iTunes running on the desktop. While this could be a sign of FM radio capabilities in a future iPhone, it could also just be for use with an app that works when the iPhone is plugged into a radio-enabled device.

The strings show references to determining station names and frequency, which would indicate some digital radio capability. It is unclear if this is referencing FM radio with RDS capability or if it is for actual digital radio. It is worth noting that the Apple iPod Radio Remote accessory that is compatible with the iPod nano, Classic, and touch is capable of receiving RDS signals for displaying artist and title info.

Further strings of code were also found that appear to confirm Nike+ functionality that lets the Nike+ app run in the background without being interrupted by incoming calls.

[via AppleInsider]

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