CNET: No iTunes Subscription Service On September 9th

For everyone waiting for iTunes to become more like Rhapsody or, don’t hold your breath. The rumor that Apple may announce a much-awaited music subscription service at their invitation-only “Lets Rock” September 9th press event appears to be just that, a rumor.

According to CNET News, it’s probably a given the event is about music and iPods, but an earth-shattering announcement about an iTunes subscription service is all but impossible. They site two reasons. First, nobody in the music business knows anything about it. Second, Apple only has licenses with music labels for digital downloads, not all-you-can-eat subscriptions. According to CNET’s sources, “Apple would have had to cut licensing deals for things like free streaming music and this hasn’t happened either.” That debunks the rumors that Apple may be building a streaming service like

While Apple may be the world’s best company with regards to keeping secrets, the music labels certainly aren’t. If some multi-million dollar contract for a music subscription service existed, you’d think someone at one of the four major music labels would have spilled the beans by now.

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