CNBC Interviews Steve Jobs On iPhone Issues, Health

Jim Goldman of CNBC had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Jobs after his keynote on Tuesday to discuss the new iPod Nano and touch, the success of the Mac, and issues with the iPhone during the interview. He also was given the opportunity to ask about Steve’s health after the interview, which was off-camera but still on the record.

Goldman didn’t really ask any hard-hitting questions, most of which weren’t iPhone related, but he did mention the software issues and bugs that have been causing problems for iPhone users like the controversy of Apple’s “kill-switch” that can disable iPhone apps, frequent crashes, and receptions issues have been in the news lately. Steve’s response to this was that “We strive for perfection, and some times we achieve it and sometimes we don’t.” and that the iPhone 3G “has some problems and it’s our duty to fix those”. He said that they’re hoping that the update scheduled for tomorrow will fix most of these bugs.

After the show, Goldman asked some tougher questions about his health and Apple’s stock performance, to which Steve said:

“I’m doing fine, really,” he said. I asked him about the rampant speculation and rumors on the blogosphere about the issue, and whether he was surprised by it. Where did he think it all came from, I asked. He picked up his briefcase and told me it was from “hedge funds with a big short position in Apple.”

Goldman added that he didn’t think that comment was meant to be taken too seriously.

You can check out the video of the interview as well as some thoughts from Jim Goldman about it and what followed at

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