Cloudburst is a weather application that quickly splays a slew of information onto a page for you to view. This application displays a bounty of information in the sections of the screen and allows you to view a larger image of the radar by simply double-tapping the image. Not only can you input any location you wish, but the application is also location-aware.

The application immediately loads a page stocked full of information regarding today’s weather. It even has a four-day forecast in the top-right corner of each screen. You can add pages to those that already exist or can even just set a page to your current location. There is a button to refresh the page, a ‘find location’ button at the bottom-left (which actually does not work for me. It redirects me to Milwaukee, WI., a completely different location) and a radar at the bottom that you can have play the current weather and enlarge slightly by double-tapping the image. Sadly, you cannot actually zoom into the radar view.

While a lot of information is displayed on the screen, it all seems cluttered and could really be designed better. MyWeather has become what I consider to be the perfect mobile weather application, and I really can’t make my criticism more clear than that simply because MyWeather acts as a testament unto itself.

While the application displays a very noble attempt at creating a good weather application, but there are quite a few things missing. International cities, zooming in the radar, good design, the app sometimes refuses to let me access the settings, and a few other aspects that I’ve come to appreciate that are included in the MyWeather application. Some might say that this application serves its purpose of giving us all a quick and simple view of the current and upcoming weather, but I’ve certainly seen much better attempts.

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