Clearly Time Matrix’s Developers Aren’t Creative or Original

It’s become quite an expectancy, at this point in the App Store’s successful existence, to see blatant clones of popular originals. We’ve seen multiple ripoffs of Imangi Studio’s widely acclaimed title, Temple Run, and have also been graced by graphical spin-offs of other chart-topping titles that simply vary in graphical style. Today yet another app has breached the App Store’s walls, which mimics the clever, intuitive interface that was first introduced by Realmac Software’s utility, Clear ($1.99).

While it boasts its own style, Time Matrix’s (Free) interface is unmistakably familiar. Where has it been seen in the past? In none other than Realmac Software’s app, Clear.

Time Matrix works as promised in the app’s description. No apparent flaws or glitches, no fabricated features, and a pretty nice aesthetic. While that’s all fine and dandy, the app borrows the same intuitive gesture-based interface Clear used. Being a task management utility, the app offers support for all of the same gestures as can be used with Clear – swipe, slide, etc. What’s more is that the gradient style, in which the tasks in Clear are uniquely laid out, has been copied by Time Matrix.

Clear – Tasks & To-Do List

Clear – Tasks & To-Do List

by Realmac Software

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
4.99 USD

To the developer’s credit, Time Matrix does bring a few new functions and features to the table. It encourages users to order tasks based on urgency thanks to the added folder feature, however, this can easily, though unofficially, be recreated using Clear. This combines with a few other handy additions (theme customization and an activity log) to offer quite a robust contender for iOS users searching for a worthy task-management companion.

Had it not blatantly ripped off the design and interface that Clear initially pioneered a few months ago, we’d give Time Matrix and its free price tag a solid recommendation. However, unless you want to condone such behavior for developers, we’d strongly suggest you check out the original. It’s $2, but the genuine uniqueness warrants a purchase.