Chinese Workers Line Up for Production Jobs at Foxconn

Way back in December of last year, 2011 if you’ve only woken up now after years of rest, it was rumored that one of Apple’s manufacturers based in China, Foxconn, was planning a large expansion. In hopes of eventually hiring 100,000 workers to work production jobs at their factory, the company invested $1.1 billion, according to Macrumors. Signs of this expansion are now evident with thousands of hopeful Chinese citizens lined up waiting to be interviewed.

While the rest of the world’s companies are seemingly downsizing, Foxconn is hiring new workers – 100,000 to be exact, and they’ve sought help from the Chinese government in doing so. M.I.C Gadget published that fliers advertising the open positions have been made available to the public, which has resulted in a long line of workers wishing to potentially secure positions at the facility in Zhengzhou, China.

The blog links to numerous Chinese media outfits which all support the notion that most of the workers have had past experience:

“On the 30th of January, thousands of hopefuls stood for hours outside a labor agency located in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, the largest city of Henan province in north-central China. The lines stretched more than 200 meters along the road, and the people who were waiting in line with their applications just hope to get a job at Foxconn, as the electronics contracting giant ramps up its iPhone production at Zhengzhou plant.”

The iPhone 4S is dominating the thriving smartphone market, with official reports showing that Apple’s 2012 Q1 has been their best quarter in terms of sales ever. With this expansion, it’s obviously a good sign for Apple.

However, the working conditions at these production factories has brought up some ill-minded questions about the treatment of employees. We’ll soon have an article regarding a petition signed by thousands to improve the conditions. Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, sent out an email to employees about the issue.