Chinese iPhone 3G May Not Have 3G, Wi-Fi

China Mobile is trying to get Apple to make changes in the components in the iPhone 3G to remove support for Wi-Fi and 3G in the device. Cellular-News reports that Apple and China Mobile are once again in talks to bring the iPhone 3G into their country, but if the carrier gets their way, users will be presented with a significantly stripped-down device compared to the iPhone 3G available in the rest of the world.

According to Daiwa analyst Calfin Huang, Hon Hai Precision Industry is currently waiting for confirmation to ship the device with W-CDMA and Wi-Fi stripped out.

One key factor that is most likely influencing talks is the fact that China Mobile’s coverage is extremely sparse, and is working to build it out under the Chinese developed TD-SCDMA format. Removing 3G from the device would make users less likely to use the device elsewhere.

Needless to say the rumor has many upset.

“Apple shouldn’t customise a model of iPhone for the mainland market, given that it only provides a standardised product to operators around the world,” says Frederick Wong, a BNP Paribas analyst.

Still, talks have resumed, and now the reason for the new negotiations is known. “The talks with Apple to launch the iPhone device in China have resumed because Apple is not insisting on revenue-sharing anymore,” China Mobile Ltd. spokeswoman Rainie Lei said.

[via Cellular-News]

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