Chillingo Launching Three Titles Tonight

Chillingo has made a large name for themselves over the past few years, since the introduction of the App Store, and that title is very well deserved. The quality of the applications that they publish is flawless, and all have been very well received by the App Store audience. Tonight, at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time, another three applications will be added to their large collection.

It’s pretty much become a standard that Chillingo launches a few of their titles every Thursday, or rather Wednesday night. Here’s a list of what’ll be hitting the App Store tonight at 11 PM EST:

Update: The following titles are now released.

Dream Track Nation

I’ve been waiting for a few months for this application, and it’s rightly so. Dream Track Nation is yet another side-scrolling, physics based racer that will be launching as a universal application tonight. You’ll control a vehicle as you maneuver down the 2D path, breaking through obstacles, attempting wild jumps and more. It’s everything you could ever expect from an application of this sort, which easily bests applications of similar idea. The application boasts 48 different tracks set in 3 different locations, an in-app level editor, and also worldwide multiplayer integration all for only a buck. Check it out once it launches on the App Store; I’ll also have a review for you soon after the release.

Gameplay Video

Jet Set Go

Time-management has made itself familiar on iOS and all over the consoles of the modern day. Though there are many, there aren’t quite enough to turn on a mood of despise for them. Launching in about an hour, is Jet Set Go, by the makers of my favorite time-management game, Sally’s Spa. Them plus Chillingo should result in a pretty nice game. If you’ve got a liking for these types of so-called sims, then be sure to check this one out for only $0.99. The artwork looks perky and crisp and the gameplay definitely looks like it’ll amount to the similar gameplay that made Sally’s Spa gold! Look out for a full review soon.

Gameplay Video

One Man Army

This clever mash of a game, including shooter and tower defense elements, places you in control of one man posed with ridding the few remaining human settlements of attacking mutants. You must strategically place towers in the playing field while also shooting from behind your barricade. There are multiple stages to play, different weapons to use and the core gameplay looks like it truly won’t disappoint. If any of the above caught your attention, check out One Man Army. It, like the previous two applications, will be launching for a mere dollar — not much to spare for a solid game.

Gameplay Video

As Chillingo’s collection slowly expands, so does my love for their games. Remember, these will all be launching at 11 PM EST tonight, a little less than an hour’s time from now. If you have any comments, short impressions or questions on any of the above, please leave a comment below.