Child Urinates on Cart of MacBooks, Causes $36,000 in Damages

AppleCare does cover a lot of things, but it certainly doesn’t cover damage inflicted by urine. At least, that’s what a Pennsylvania school district found out to their distress from Apple after a student urinated on a cart of MacBooks.

Racking damages equivalent to $36,000 a student really, really had to go – and he did on a cart of MacBooks. According to PennLive (via Mactrast):

An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary School Wednesday, damaging them beyond repair, according to Upper Allen Twp. police. The loss came to more than $36,000, police said.

Police charged the boy with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief and are turning him over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

You’d think a boy of that age would know better. Whether it was in spite or because he really had to go, the child won’t be happy with the ultimate outcome of his decision to leak all over the MacBooks.

Not only will AppleCare not replace the laptops, they also won’t repair them with payment like they usually do. The MacBooks have become a biohazard.