Check Out Gameplay Video for ‘Infinity Blade Dungeons’

Today Joystiq posted a gameplay trailer for Epic Game’s newest game that continues their series of stunning dungeon crawlers. ‘Infinity Blade Dungeons’ is the next game in store by the gaming outfit that brought you the two acclaimed predecessors: Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade 2.

The praise for the previous two titles in the Infinity Blade series has originated from their outstanding attention to detail; Epic Games has utilized its Unreal Engine to perfect the two games’ artwork with crisp detail. Both have had their spot in the top 25 list of the App Store and rightly so thanks to both the artwork and compelling gameplay. Although you’re directed “on rails” if you will throughout the games’ respective stories, they’ve both held hours of fun for the player.

The brand, spanking new gameplay video is embedded below for your pleasure:

If the video is any indication of what is to be expected in the third installment in the series, the whole thing is looking extremely promising. The video showcases some kind of blacksmith mini game, and the game is more free for the player rather than the previous two that were mostly on rails.

We don’t know anything about when exactly ‘Dungeons’ is supposed to be released. Maybe soon with the solid video and the hands-on impressions from IGN?