Cha-Ching Coming To The iPhone

Midnight Apps, the incredible group which brought Cha-Ching to the Mac, has recently submitted their iPhone version of the app to the App Store and Cory Bohon over at TUAW managed to get his hands on a copy. Just as it is in the Mac version, Cha-Ching allows you to work with multiple bank accounts to manage your budget in a simple, gorgeous way.

For those who already own Cha-Ching on the Mac, you can wirelessly sync your data so you’ll always be on budget.

From TUAW’s Sneak Peek:

New to Cha-Ching is the scheduler section of the app. In this area, you can easily track upcoming bills. You can set the frequency, amount, category, account to subtract it from, and any notes that you might want to include.

Cha-Ching mobile is also location-aware. When you add a payee you can have the app remember the location. When you sort by locations, the nearest payees will show up near the top. This is a great way to track your payees based on where you are. The app will also remember the category, location, and other details about the payee; this makes creating new payments simple because most of the details will be automatically filled in for you.

The app’s been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available shortly for $2.99. Check out the Cha-Ching website for a nice video walk-through of the app.

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