CES 2011: Top New Gadgets

As the year winds down, the anticipation for CES 2011 begins. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be in Las Vegas on January 6-9th. Any gadget geek knows that CES is the place to be to see all the new product launches for the up and coming year. At last years show, the big winners were 3D televisions, advancement in WiFi products, powerhouse gaming laptops and smart phones. So, as we approach the 2011 show, what will be the popular trends? Several companies, including Microsoft, will launch tablets to compete with the iPad. Smaller, more portable tablets will be a huge trend this year as companies give the consumers better and easier ways to stay connected.  There is also rumors of a color screen Kindle or other brands of e-readers with color screens. Looks like the trend for this year might be highly portable mini, yet powerful tablets. Companies know that launching new laptops won’t cut it anymore and they are pushing the envelope more each year to create bigger, er smaller and better products each year. I, for one, can’t wait to get to Las Vegas and see what will officially be the popular products. It seems like the ones that create the biggest buzz before the show are not necessarily the ones who create the biggest buzz AT the show. Only less than a month to wait. Stay tunes to iPhone Alley as we will be blogging furiously with the latest CES news from Las Vegas.