Casinos Catch On To Card-Counting iPhone Apps

It turns out there really is an app for just about everything in the App Store, as casinos are now learning the hard way. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, state gaming authorities in Nevada were recently tipped off by their counterparts in California about the existence of apps in the App Store for the purpose of card counting.

The warning came after some casinos in northern California spotted some iPhones being used to count cards. As of yet, no Nevada casinos have any accounts of card counter apps.

While legitimate card counting in itself is technically not banned in the state of Nevada, it’s likely to get you kicked out of a casino and put on the list. However, using an electronic device to count cards is considered a form of electronic cheating aid, a state felony. Apps like Card Counter and A Blackjack Card Counter (which alerts you when to make a big bet by vibrating discretely when the time is right) are likely to get you in serious trouble.

Of course, we have to wonder why Apple’s App Store approval team didn’t top these apps at the door. As a result, iPhones may no longer be a welcome visitor.

[via Las Vegas Review Journal]

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