Car Jack Streets 2 Teaser Trailer Released

When I first got my iPod Touch 2G a little bit over 2 years ago, I remember the wonders of the app store were the two astonishing, Payback and Car Jack Streets. They were so amazing given that the iDevices were still relatively new at that point, and those two games had managed to create immense worlds tied in with a GTA-like plot and gameplay. Now, being showcased at GDC, Car Jack Streets 2 has been announced with a whole ton of new features from developers, Tag Games Limited.

Like the first game and alike the popular console and recently iDevice available, GTA, Car Jack Streets 2 involves that familiar shooting and robbing gameplay as you complete missions for the mob. Among the features that have been changed from the original game to this one, is that fact that the game will be absolutely free! Additionally, the game is no longer in a 2D world but instead 3D, and it features an all new cartoon, isometric artwork style. What’s even better is that the being included are some social features which will enable you to complete beneficial missions with friends online.

Just released 3 days ago is this quick sneak peek/teaser that shows the minimal gist of what you’ll be seeing in the game:

I’m sure many of you have played the prequel, and along with me are on your toes after seeing that juicy piece of gameplay. All the more reason to stay tuned as we will most definitely be keeping you in the loop! Expect to see the game this summer, and probably before then another, more feature-revealing trailer!