Car Finder Finds Your Car With Augmented Reality

There have been a lot of apps in the App Store for helping you find where you parked your car, but now there’s one that shows you where it is with the awesomeness of augmented reality. Car Finder [App Store, $0.99] lets you look around you through your iPhone and spot your vehicle as clear as day, regardless of seeing conditions.

To use the app, simply get out of your parked car and mark its position within the app using GPS. Depending on the accuracy of your fix, your location is listed within a range of plus or minus a number of meters. You also have the option to name the location and attach information like the space number if there is one. Then, when you want to find where you parked, you simply open the app and follow the red arrow toward your car.

The app is pretty accurate, but has a tendency to be just slightly off, so don’t be surprised when you see your car and the arrow tells you to go somewhere else. It’s generally good enough to get you within seeing distance of your marker before veering off.

[via TUAW]

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