‘Cameras’ For Mac Lets You Set Automatic App Actions For iPhone, Multiple Cameras

Most of you on a Mac have probably experienced the annoyance of iPhoto automatically launching every time you plug your iPhone into your computer. We posted a tip a while back to stop it, but since then a much more elegant solution has come out from Flexibits. It’s called Cameras, for Mac OS X, and it lets you customize which apps are launched for each individual camera you own, including the iPhone.

Do you have multiple cameras??Do you spend time quitting iPhoto every time you connect your iPhone??Wish you could have your DSLR open Aperture and have iPhoto launch when you connect your point-and-shoot camera??If so, Cameras is the solution you’ve been waiting for.??With familiar System Preference functionality, Cameras allows you to manage what happens when you connect your:?

  • Digital camera
  • iPhone
  • Digital media reader
  • Any photo device


You can also chose things like if the photos are downloaded directly to your computer.

You can download the 14-day free trial, and it’s $9.95 for the license. Get it at Flexibits.com.

[via MacRumors]

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