Camera Mod Takes Close-Up Pictures

Like most cameraphones, the camera used in the iPhone is a simple 2-megapixel one. As we’ve explained in the past, it has the advantage of being small, since it can take decent pictures in broader light conditions and without zooming. On the downside, that means it can’t zoom. One user decided to do something about it, and modded his camera to take close-up macro shots using no external add-ons.

Daniel Forsythe wanted to take some pictures of barcodes on some of his gear like magazines and equipment labels, but it wasn’t really possible with the iPhone’s current camera. So, to fix it, he broke the glue holding the lens on and flipped it around, moving it’s focus closer to the camera. With this setup, he was able to take some pretty amazing macro pictures.

He says that if enough people express interest in the project, he’ll make a full mod guide for the hack. Until then, you can check out his Flickr photo set here to see what his modded iPhone can do.

[via TUAW]

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