Camera Issues With White iPhone 4 Confirmed By Woz

Last night the Engadget show featured Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak with a full fledged interview. While being recorded, he went on confirming the camera issues with the white iPhone 4 that we had posted an article on early last month. Though it wasn’t a true confirmation considering he had no inside information as such, it’s still pretty big coming from a guy with a figure as Wozniak who helped found Apple.

Wozniak admits that he bought some parts online to assemble a “fake”, white iPhone 4 and confirms that the parts do ruin the camera quality causing a picture-ruining glare because of the parts’ tendency to “leak” light.

Like I said, he doesn’t have any true inside information on the matter but claims that Apple will release the phone to the public very soon without these issues. In any case, if they’re resolved the phone should be good.

What do you think? Still going to consider buying one of these all-white alternatives?