Byline is an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader. The UI is extremely beautiful and intuitive. Folders and notes are fully supported and it caches teasers, images, and even entire web pages.

Up to 200 stories are automatically cached, and the preference can be changed to cache the entire story’s page. Starred items and notes are both cached. Notes can be posted, stories can be shared, and you can even mail a link to stories you want to share. Tagging is not supported in any way (neither sorting or managing tags).

One of my favorite features is that you can view the whole web page right from within Byline. This means no jumping back and forth between Safari and your feeds. Pages can also be viewed in landscape or portrait.

From within the app’s settings, you can choose to sort by newest or oldest, a feature some will truly be thankful for.

Unfortunately, you cannot add or manage feeds from within the app. Nor can you manage folders. There’s no search. For a Google-based app, the lack of a search seems almost criminal.

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