Bug In Safari Could Make For Hefty Data Overage Charges

An Estonian website recently published an interesting bug with the iPhone’s Mobile Safari web browser that could potentially use excess data and potentially run a hefty bill if their reasonable use limit is breached. The problem is that when you browse to a website with a Motion JPEG for streaming video over the internet, it continues to stream the video after you close the app.

This means that if you navigate to a page with a Motion JPEG (such as the webcam on Keri island) and simply navigate to the home screen or switch to another app, Safari continues to run in the background, as does the Motion JPEG video stream. It will only stop if you fully quit Safari or navigate to a different webpage in that tab before closing the app.

This is more likely to be a problem if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, or (especially) if you’re traveling in a different country and have high roaming data charges.

[Apple.spot.ee via Cult of Mac]

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