Brightkite: We’re Coming To The App Store, Just Not Yet

Today Brightkite announced that they have plans to release an iPhone version of their popular social network to the App Store. Although the company has an app currently in the works, they want their first release to be rock solid.

We don’t want to release something that’s not rock-solid. And by rock-solid, we don’t mean crashing, but rock-solid from a usability standpoint. The app should be as easy to use as possible. We have some very ambitious goals concerning the user interface, but getting it just right takes time and we’re just not quite there yet.

Another obstacle facing the Brightkite folks is that they haven’t gotten a chance to use the iPhone 3G. In order to create the best location aware app, Brightkite wants a chance to work with the GPS before finalizing the app. A release date hasn’t been announced for the application, but they do plan to have one available by the end of the month.

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