Breaking: iPhone 5 Design Officially Revealed

Apple accidentally let iPhone 5 out of the bag a little too early. Or in this case, was not careful enough with the early release of Photo Stream. Instructions for Photo Stream include an icon of an iPhone. However, the icon does not depict any model that has been released.

Taking a closer look at the iPhone image, it is apparent that the bezel is smaller. This ties in with rumors of a bigger screen. If we get out our microscopes, the home button is visibly rectangular rather than circular, which is another one of the rumor mill’s little detail slips.

One curious part of the image are the rectangles along the center top as well as both left and right of the display. Maybe a bigger screen carries more surprises. What could they be? Sounds like they could be a fun keynote stupefaction.

Photo Stream is a new part of the free iCloud functionality Apple is releasing to customers later this year. Taking into consideration the most plausible release timeframe, iCloud would not launch before iPhone 5 is at least revealed. Thus Apple’s meticulous icon detail would cause them to create an icon of the newest device in its lineup rather than utilize the design we’ve come to know.

The new Photo Stream service will allow users to retain the exact same photo library on all of their devices at the same time. That is, you can take a picture with your iPhone then instantaneously find the same picture on your iPad and Mac. Keeping all of your devices in sync and keeping rumors in sync. How convenient.

Super-magnified (with super-increased exposure for effect):

[discovery via MacRumors]