Brando Offering LCD Replacement Kit, iPhone Opening Kit

So you did it. You’ve had your iPhone 3G for less than a month and you went and busted your iPhone’s screen. As though that weren’t enough, the people at the Apple Store are refusing to fix it for you for free. Well, not to fear. Brando has released a “replacement LCD Display for your iPhone 3G,” complete with touch panel. With this kit and a little DIY ingenuity, you can now replace your screen unit yourself.

They have also created a kit that every iPhone DIY guy will find useful: a kit of tools for opening up and tinkering around with the iPhone’s insides. It includes several things for prying, screwdrivers, and a 0.81mm guitar pick.

You can get the iPhone 3G Replacement LCD Display here for US$85. The iPhone Opening Tools Kit is available for US$10 here.

[via RegHardware]

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