Brain Tuner

Brain Tuner claims to be the best way to exercise your brain. How does it do this? It shows you a series of problems, and you tell Brain Tuner if the answer is correct or wrong. Is there any more to this app?

Short Answer: No.

The concept of the game is very simple. When opening the app, the main screen gives you an option to choose to do 20 problems or 100 problems. When you start the game, you are presented with a countdown. 3…2…1..GO. Quickly and efficiently complete the set of problems. They can get tricky when you are trying to go at a rapid pace. For instance, You will get one problem that says 5-3=2, followed by a -5+3 = 2. You tap right or wrong and go down the list of equations until you’re finished. What deters the time the most is when you get a problem wrong. For every problem missed, you incur a 5 second penalty. The attention to detail will make you slow down, but for math aces, it should not be a daunting task. At the end if gives you the results, my personal best time on 20 problems was 13.275515 seconds and 100.394142 including a penalty. Although, I don’t have a watch that measures down to the one millionth second, I am going to trust that it is fairly accurate.

Recently, a premium version of Brain Tuner was added to the App Store. It adds the feature of posting your times against the other iPhone users. Unfortunately, that is all that it adds, and does not advertise to be adding anything else in the future.

Pros: The app goes with the Mac philosophy of “It just works.” It can double as math flash cards for elementary (or older) students.

Cons: If it had more games along the lines of BrainAge for the Nintendo DS, it would probably be a more successful app. It’s not a great time killer, the game is playable for around 5 minutes before you get bored with it.

Bottom line: The app being math alone can single out a user base. It is a light game, that could be more popular if it included more games. Even for the math lovers, it gets stale after a while. It has a ways to go before it earns the title of being a “Must-Have App”.

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