Blue Microphones Releases New Mikey Portable Recorder at CES

The original Mikey microphone from Blue Microphones made a splash when it debuted for the iPhone back in 2008. Over at CES, a second generation Mikey Portable Recorder has been released for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch handsets.

The new Mikey boasts “improved circuity for superior recording and enhanced new features” including an optimization for recording high-volume concers, a 3.5mm line input for direct recording as well as a USB pass-through through that allows both simultaneous charging and syncing.

Other features include a 230-degree range of flexibity with seven detent positions as well as its own carrying case.

The Mikey Portable Recorder will be available later this spring at a retail price of $99.99 from the Apple Store, Guitar Center and

[via Engadget]

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