Blog: Steve Should Go To China

Foxconn, the company responsible for the manufacturing of the iPhone and now iPhone 3G, came under investigation in 2006 for claims that workers were being forced to work in inhumane conditions. Apple had the investigation done and issued a report touting mostly positive results with the exception of some pretty inhumane conditions. Afterward they said they were handling things, and that it was under control.

But that was when Apple was only asking for a few iPods. Now they are demanding something closer to 800,000 iPhone 3Gs a week, which is well more than their previous estimate, and “above current full capacity”. If Foxconn’s working conditions suffered then, then what will they be like when being forced to work at over-capacity? thinks that this means now would be a good time for Apple to have another look around the place. Further more, they call for none other than Apple CEO, Steve Jobs to make the rounds. They’re wagering that Steve will find something there that will make him change his tune about a few things. If nothing else, it would send a signal of social responsibility, and would finally put the issue of Foxconn’s working conditions to rest.

Go to China, Steve. Look firsthand at just how Apple products are manufactured. We’ll happily go along, and vow to never raise the subject again if everything checks out.

[photo credit: Engadget]

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