BlackBerry App World Deceivingly Competitive with a Billion Downloads

Sure, it isn’t quite the App Store’s recent astonishing fifteen-billion download milestone, but for another mobile app hub to reach its own billion download milestone in the same week shows that Apple is not alone in strong application distribution. Research In Motion is the next to make news with reports of there having been a billion app downloads from BlackBerry App World.

RIM’s premier tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and a few select BlackBerry smartphones have access to App World. Though RIM has a significant smartphone market share overall that gives it a strong mobile presence, only more recent BlackBerry devices can be taken into account for contributing to the market’s success, making it a more interesting feat.

Despite how Android Market is still treading arguably far behind the App Store, it has its own figures to boast about, including reaching 4.5 billion downloads in May. While other mobile operating systems don’t have as strong of an app selection as iOS, they are certainly supported as well.

After launching in April of 2009, BlackBerry App World has shown tremendous growth. In fact, the App Store has been around for a few months longer than App World, but it is extremely doubtful that App World will come close to the App Store’s many achievements over the next few months; especially when taking into account how it took the App Store a total of nine months to hit the same number of downloads.

The growth of an app library is always a great showcase of developers’ push towards expanding a market from nothing at its very beginning into a highly-useful, functional ecosystem.