“Black Stick” Tool Located for Dissecting Apple Hardware According to Instructions

If you’ve ever gone to open a piece of Apple hardware, the instructions and videos frequently mention a “black stick”, a plastic tool that can easily pry apart objects without damaging the finish or electronics inside. The only problem: no one seems to have them.

As a result, many of us dig into our Macs, notebooks, iPods and iPhones with a pen, credit card, screwdriver or whatever else might be handy.

Still, there are some good alternatives out there. Per an Unofficial Apple Weblog article, a nylon web spatula will do the trick. Other tools, such as PowebookMed’s black nylon “flat probe tool spudgers” (which retail for $2.90 each will do the trick and are the same style as pictured in Apple’s documentation.

Other vendors include Stanley, which offers a nylon soldering tool that works just as well for $1.30 each.

[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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