Birmingham City University and Screen WM to Offer iPhone Game Developer Camp This Autumn

Aspiring UK-based iPhone game developers are being offered a four-week training course through Birmingham City University and Screen WM with support through Advantage West Midlands. According to Macworld UK, Gamer Camp, a Birmingham-based training course for aspiring games artists and programmers from both within and outside the industry, will run for five days a week between November 16th and December 11th of 2009.

Areas covered by the course include game design principles for mobile devices, an introduction to and advanced tuition in the iPhone software development kit, tips and tricks and optimization techniques.

“Successful applicants will be given one week of professional training in either game programming or interface designing, followed by three weeks of mentoring in which they’ll work with other participants to produce their very own game for the iPhone,” said Rebecca Ashby, Commercial Project Manager at Birmingham City University’s Screen Media Lab.

iPhone games produced as a result of Gamer Camp will be free for anyone to download via the Apple iTunes App Store, though the titles are subject to approval by Apple.

To be eligible for Gamer Camp, applicants must be based within the West Midlands region, and fit either the following programmer or games artist criteria.

Programming applicants should have, and be able to demonstrate:

-C programming skills.

-Experience working with Windows, Mac OS or Linux API’s.

-Must be able to present a game demo or design document for a game that demonstrates interest in sector.

-Games artists will cover interface design, focusing on user-experience, and should have, and be able to demonstrate, an ability to draw, such as character design, environment design, concept boards.

-2D design skills.

-Animation skills.

-Must be able to present a game demo, folio, design document or application that demonstrates interest in sector.

Applications for the camp can be found at and are due in by September 11th.

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