Birdhouse is a simple application for capturing, saving, and publishing drafts for Twitter. It has support for multiple accounts and there’s no limit to the number of drafts which can be saved. Drafts can be sorted by rating or date and published tweets are saved in your history.

Birdhouse’s interface is simple and well designed. Creating a new draft is straight forward and a counter shows how many characters you have available to write. You can view when a tweet was created and modified, as well as which account it will be published from.

The application’s main use is in the capturing of ideas for twitter and saving them for later editing. This is useful to people who use Twitter for expressing thoughtful, creative things, rather than just casually talking about what they’re up to. Birdhouse’s goal is to capture those sporadic thoughts and save them to be refined over time. When a tweet has had enough time to be edited and refined, it can be published from within the application. If you’re not satisfied with a published toot, it can just as easily be unpublished from within Birdhouse’s history.

If you use more than one account, drafts can be seen from individual accounts or all accounts at once. If you’d like to back up your drafts, Birdhouse has the ability to email them for safe keeping.

For more information on Birdhouse and its creation, we recommend listening to Episode 39 of the iPhone Alley Podcast.

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