Bill Gates: iPad Needs Stylus, Keyboard, Voice

Thanks in large part to Steve “Testosterone” Ballmer, most of what we’ve heard from Microsoft’s upper management about Apple products has been a lot of bashing and smack talk. That wasn’t the case when Microsoft’s former CEO Bill Gates was recently asked to give his take on Apple’s new iPad. What would he do differently? Give it a hardware keyboard, a stylus, and built-in speech-to-text dictation.

During an interview for Bnet, he said about the iPad, “You know, I’m a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen, and a real keyboard-in other words a netbook-will be the mainstream on that.”

He continued: “So it’s not like I sit there and feel the same way I did with the iPhone where I say, ‘Oh my God, Microsoft didn’t aim high enough. It’s a nice reader, but there’s nothing on the iPad I look at and say, ‘Oh, I wish Microsoft had done that.”

The iPad does have the potential for two of those things; it can be attatched to a hardware keyboard, and it has built-in microphones, so an iPad-ready version of Dragon Dictation [App Store, Free] will probably make dictation happen in the foreseeable future.

[via Bnet]

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