Beware Of Phishing Scams

I’m betting that most of our readers are fairly savvy Internet users who know what a phishing email looks like. You know how it goes, you get an email from PayPal saying that they’re about to close your account unless you “click this link” right now. Something just smells, well, fishy. But we’ve been getting scattered reports from iPhone users that scammers are actually calling to phish for information.

This is just a friendly warning to make sure everyone’s aware of the threat. Read on to hear from a reader who actually received a scam call.

While enjoying a little solitaire on my iPhone Sunday evening, I got a call from someone claiming to be from AT&T claiming our payment had bounced back. After a while they claimed we’d have to pay $35 per line and last month’s and this month’s fees or they’d shut off our line. Also they claimed we wouldn’t have anymore credit and we’d have to pay cash each month for our service.

Fortunately my wife was smart enough to say we were going to call AT&T before we did anything. They were, of course, closed on Sunday evening. So after a little scare, we realized were were being phished.

I realize you guys have probably heard about this scam, but just in case. Incidentally, the call came from a blocked line.

We’re not experts on avoiding phishing scams, but we do recommend that you don’t give out personal information to strangers on the phone. Tell them that you’re concerned about your privacy and that you’ll call the main AT&T number right back. You could even tell them that you’re driving and that you’ll need to call back when you have a chance to pull over, just call the main AT&T number.

What do you guys do to avoid phishing scams?

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