Best Buy Starts Selling Refurbished iPhones

It was only a few months ago that big-box retailer Best Buy started selling the iPhone 3G. This was a big surprise as they were the first retailer to sell the iPhone outside the realm of AT&T and Apple. Today, however, PCWorld notes that BestBuy is at it again.

They have now started selling refurbished iPhone 3Gs; a first for a retailer outside of AT&T. PCWorld notes a marketing ploy that Best Buy is using to market the refurbished phones. Instead of calling them “refurbs,” they call them “refreshed.” This is the first product that Best Buy has started selling refurbished, but it could put more iPhones in the hands of wanting users.

If you are looking to get your hands on a discounted iPhone, then check your local Best Buy stores to see if they are currently offering the refurbished iPhones. There is no word yet on if these refurbed phones will qualify for the AppleCare product protection plan.

[via PCWorld]

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