Best Buy Ready for iPad Launch, 675 Locations to Have Inventory

Best Buy, the only retailer besides Apple able to offer the iPad, is making preparations for the April 3 launch day. The iPads will only be available at Best Buy stores that contain a dedicated Apple Shop, which account for 675 stores in the U.S. (Best Buy has more than 1,150 stores worldwide). Since they have no retail competition for the iPad, Best Buy is reportedly not opening their stores early on April 3, believing that it would incur additional operating expense but not gain any additional profit.

It has also been reported that the demo units being shipped to Best Buy encompass four SKUs even though Apple is only launching three of six iPad models. It is likely the fourth model is a Wi-Fi + 3G model, though details on the fourth demo unit have yet to be confirmed.

[via Mac Rumors]

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