Best Buy Giving Away iPhones?

Christmas is coming early to Best Buy customers tomorrow on December 10th. If you are looking to gift an iPhone to a member of your family or you have a dusty old 3G that you are wanting to upgrade, this might be the deal for you. Best Buy will be giving away a free iPhone 3Gs to new AT&T customers, an additional added line and customers eligible for an upgrade. It will be an instant rebate so there is no cost up front. Best Buy has stated that they will have plenty of stock to accommodate a large volume of customers coming in to take advantage of this offer. If you stop by Best Buy tomorrow, give us the scoop.

In other news, Radio Shack is also offering a great deal on iPhones. Current iPhone users can trade in their old phone and get a credit on an iPhone 4. They are said to credit $75 for an iPhone 3G and up to $125 for 3Gs models. Meanwhile there is a $50 instant rebate on all iPhones, so you could walk out of Radio Shack with a new iPhone 4 for as little as $25.The same restrictions apply for this deal. You must be eligible for a full upgrade to take advantage of this deal.

Whether you want a free iPhone 3Gs or an extremely low priced iPhone 4, you are getting one of the best deals in iPhone history. This just might be the year where more people than ever are using iPhones.