Bejeweled 2

Nearly anyone who has owned a cell phone before has taken a stab at Bejeweled. Its a classic puzzle game that will probably go down in history for its simplistic yet totally addictive gameplay. Bejeweled 2 for the iPhone has all the endearing qualities of the original game, with the added plus of some seriously enticing visuals.

Pop Cap Games has given this super fun game three different modes of gameplay. You have Classic, where your goal is to make it through each level without activating the dreaded “no more moves”. Then there’s Action, where you must get through each level quickly while your points bar steadily diminishes as time progresses. Lastly there is Endless, which is simply the game giving you the ability to play forever, unhindered by any roadblocks.

Graphically speaking, the game is a jewel (no pun intended). The gems have just enough depth and sheen to make them interesting to look at without being distracting. Also, as you do each puzzle, a high quality image of a sci-fi landscape sits in the background. These images are super pleasing and add a lot to the game visually. Another little graphic treat is that when you finish a level, you enter this crazy hyperbole-type craziness that then takes you to the next stage. Good Stuff!

I would say that anyone who has an iPhone should have this game. It’s a fantastic time waster and eye pleaser, not to mention that it just looks BETTER on the iPhone. You can even hold it any way you want, vertically or horizontally, and the screen will flip, changing the layout to conform better to where your fingers will be!

The Good: Pretty much EVERYTHING! It’s fun to look at, fun to play, and fun to compete with friends for high score!

The Bad: Can’t think of a thing. Well, besides the fact that I fail at Classic….

The Bottom Line: Overall, this latest version isn’t MUCH different from the original, but a person can’t deny that it is as addictive as ever. Whenever you’re bored, be it at Starbucks or an important work meeting, you can count on Bejeweled 2 to be a game that you will turn to again and again.

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