Behind The 2.0.2 Update And Reception Issues

Apple said that the latest 2.0.2 software update was supposed to help with the issue concerning dropped calls, but a report by Roughly Drafted explains in further detail what the issue may be. They claim to have word from “a source close to AT&T” that the real problem may have been something else entirely.

According to the source:

“In UMTS [AT&T's 3G network], power control is key to the mobile and network success. If the UE [phone set] requires too much downlink power then the base station or Node B can run out of transmitter power and this is what was happening. As you get more UEs on the cell, the noise floor rises and the cell has to compensate by ramping up its power to the UEs.”

“The power control issue will also have an effect on the data throughput,” the source said, “because the higher the data rate the more power the Node B transmitter requires to transmit. If the UEs have poor power control and are taking more power than is necessary then it will sap the network’s ability to deliver high speed data.”

The source added that unbeknownst to us, this was AT&T and Apple’s true reason for sending the SMS notification of the update.

“It is not the network that is fault but the interaction of the bad power control algorithm in 2.0 and 2.0.1 software and the network that is at fault. The sooner everybody is running 2.0.2 software the better things will be. Having seen the graphs the 2.0.2 software has already started to make difference.”

[via Roughly Drafted]

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