Ballmer Responds, More from D8

Last night Steve Jobs was on stage at All Things Digital answering questions about the iPad, iPhone, and Apple in general. Today it was Steve Ballmer’s turn, and unfortunately he was put into a defensive mode by Walt Mossberg because a number of the questions were centered around responses from Jobs the night before. That said, I’m reminded of what I heard happened in the Nixon-Kennedy debates back in 1960. Historians argue that Kennedy won, not because his words were better, but he appeared better. When you watch Steve Ballmer, it’s almost impossible to remember that this man is the CEO of the largest software company on the planet. He has to be smart, but he is such a horrible public speaker, I always end up wondering why Microsoft hasn’t fired him yet.

Check out the video clip below, where it’s borderline impossible to understand what he’s trying to say. Be sure to check out the clever, if inaccurate, jab at the iPad around the 3:55 mark.

When speaking about Windows Mobile division Baller said, “We were ahead of this game, and now… we are not ahead.” He continues, “We’re no longer at the front of that pack.” Uh, when were you at the front?

For the record, even Ballmer can’t seem to figure out if it’s the Windows Mobile division or Windows Phone division. Who is running this place?

Later on in the interview, Ballmer suggested that RIM is doing great because 60% of their sales are consumers, and 40% are enterprise. And yet Apple sells 40% of its iPhone to the enterprise market, and that is considered a problem Apple needs to overcome.

If you want to see more clips of Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer, Engadget has a slew of clips (we apologize for the horrible flash video player).

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