Background Processes Coming In 3.0 iPhone Software?

At WWDC, Apple announced that they would be providing developers with a “push notification” service, allowing them to notify users of new data without having to keep said app running. The solution would be a perfect fit for twitter, instant message, and other such applications. It was supposed to be available last September, although we haven’t heard anything on the service since its announcement.

According to MacRumors, Apple may be considering background processes after all.

All third party applications are currently not allowed to run in the background. Once you return to the home screen, every third party application is required to be completely shut down. Apple made this choice to protect the phone from complications which could arise from a lack of memory in the device and poorly written code.

However as MacRumors points out, something is holding up push notifications. They’re not sure what it might be, although they’ve heard that Apple may allow several third-party applications to run background processes. The processes would be user-selected and would likely come as a part of the rumored 3.0 software update. MacRumors also believes that the next generation iPhone would be less restrictive due to improved hardware capabilities.

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