Awaken is an well designed iPhone app featuring a full screen clock, an alarm, a sleep timer and a flashlight. All of these functions look beautiful and function just as you would expect. This app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into the perfect travel alarm. An iPad version is on the way and the developer has said it will be a universal app. I’m looking forward to seeing this app on the iPad.

The main use for this app is as a full screen clock. Awaken offers several clock styles that make it look like any normal nightstand clock (although most are just color variations of an LED clock). They work in both portrait or landscape mode. All the clocks look good and are easy to see in full light and in a dark room, thanks to the easy to access brightness control. Just touch the screen when the clock is running and your finger can slide a brightness control up or down.  

You can set multiple alarms, however, the app must be running for an alarm to sound. Alarms can be set to repeat on a certain day, for example, every Monday. I would really like to see some more repeat options such as “Everyday” and “Every Weekday”. You can choose to have the alarm be one of several different sounds, or music from the iPod App. A snooze option is available with a double tap of the screen when the alarm is sounding. You can set the duration of the snooze in the app’s settings.

Another great feature of the app is a built in sleep timer. Choose your music from the iPod app, select a duration and hit start. The music starts, stops at the specified time and the clock continues to run. When I first installed the app, accessing music from the iPod in the sleep timer was very slow. I would have to wait 10-15 seconds waiting for my music list to load. After rebooting my iPhone this issue went away and load times were much faster.

In the app settings you can choose to turn off the auto screen lock, so the app will stay running after your normal screen lock time is up. If you choose to turn the screen off, alarms will still sound and the sleep timer still plays music.

A bonus feature is the ability to turn your device into a flashlight. To activate the flashlight you simply shake your iPhone. You are given a few different options for the look of the flashlight. I use a flashlight app on my iPhone and any app that allows me to delete a single function app from my iPhone is always welcome.

Awaken is a very well done app that can be very useful. It’s the perfect travel alarm clock. Many times I’ve gotten into a hotel room the either didn’t have an alarm clock or it would take me 20 minutes to figure out how to set it. Awaken solves this problem, and allows me to listen to some music as I fall asleep. If you are looking for an app with this type of functionality, check out Awaken. Recommended.