Average Of 30% Calls Dropped On AT&T In New York

In the past, some of us iPhone fans have made a big fuss about things like not having MMS on AT&T’s network until recently, but that’s nothing in comparison to their quality of service in large areas. According to local Apple Geniuses, having an average of up to 30% of your calls drop is considered “normal” in the New York area.

An iPhone user in the New York area by the name of Manoj was getting frustrated with all of the calls his iPhone was dropping on AT&T’s network, so he decided to get it checked by the local Apple Store’s Geniuses to see what was the problem. To his surprise, his iPhone had been dropping an average of 20% of his calls. That’s one out of every five calls he’s on ending suddenly for no reason.

Pretty bad, right?

That’s nothing. The Genius he was talking to told him that most iPhone users have an average of 30% of their calls drop, which they consider “normal” (as in ‘not the iPhone’s fault’). What’s really amazing is that most people are paying close to $100 a month for this kind of service. Of course, you could always pay another $150 for a box that will make it better when you’re at home.

It kind of makes not having MMS all this time seem sort of trivial, doesn’t it?

[via Gizmodo]

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