Automatic Over-the-Air Updating Practically Confirmed

Somebody that works on iTunes must be going “oops” right about now. For a brief period of time, the “My App Updates” page in iTunes mentioned an Automatic Download feature that would allow updates to be downloaded over-the-air without prompts to an iOS device.

The line that gave away the presumably upcoming Automatic Download option appeared as this, “Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.”

App updates can already be downloaded over-the-air either individually or by way of an “Update All” button. Of course, adding automation into the equation not only means less work but also ensures that you always have the latest version of every app.

While it would be nice if such updating extended to iOS system updates, this gives no indication that it will. Though competitors do offer seamless automatic system updates and it was previously rumored to be included in iOS 5.0, so there is hope. Either way, we’ll find out in just a matter of hours.

[via MacRumors]