Aurora Feint: The Beginning

Aurora Feint is an RPG puzzle game in which players arrange blocks in sets of three in order to break them (called ‘mining’). The game is set in a young girl’s imaginary world, created in order to escape normal life.

The quality of this game is astounding, first of all. After only ten weeks they developers released the game to the wolves and it received accolades from just about everyone. The soundtrack is elaborate and the animation is authentically beautiful, and the gameplay is innovative and fun.

The premise of the game is that users mine for resources until you level up your character. Once you level up, you can upgrade one of six skills, purchase blueprints and magicbooks in the Store and then create items in the Smith or Tower, respectively. In order to mine the resources, the blocks need to be arranged in sets of three or more, and as the game progresses you can use items to increase possibilities of combinations. Breaking multiple sets of blocks at the same time (or at least close enough) creates multipliers that increase the amount of resources you collect.

The accelerometer’s function is cunningly incorporated into the gameplay as well in that you can flick the iPhone in different directions in order to achieve certain results. While the blocks can only be slid from side to side, tipping the iPhone will change the direction of the gravity, and you can then slide the blocks what was once up and down.

As your character levels up, you can increase the difficulty of the mining you partake in. I haven’t gotten so far as to finish the game, but from what research I’ve done, it is well worth the perseverance.

As to the issue of its temporary removal from the App Store due to privacy concerns, developers say that that situation is cleared up in the recent update.

This game is well-polished and holds endless replay value. As an iPhone application, it is brilliantly developed and is well worth downloading. As a free application, it’s a spectacular example of what developers can do with the iPhone’s capabilities and still released at the most reasonable price. Definitely download Aurora Feint, citizens. It’s great.

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