Aurora Feint Back In App Store, Security Problems Fixed

So Aurora Feint created a big fuss when it was discovered that it was collecting contacts information on users’ iPhones. They said they didn’t use them for anything diabolical, but there was really no way to be sure that they’re not, even if they were telling the truth (which they probably were). So, to alleviate concerns, they have updated their game to eliminate any potential privacy or security problems, and are now back in the App Store once again.

What exactly did they change about the game? Well, for one, they completely removed contact list integration, and have instead made plans to include a Nintendo-style friend code system in another update some time next week. For those still concerned, they’ve outlined all of the security features in the game currently in place:

In the meantime, remember these things:
1) We do not pull data from your contact list before notifying you. There is now a notification in-game when this is done. And it is only done on the community page by YOU pressing the submit button.
2) We never store your contact list on our web server.
3) All data sent over the wire is now completely encrypted.
4) No contact data is saved on your phone’s hard drive anymore. This has been removed.

You can download Aurora Feint: The Beginning for free in the App Store.
[via Aurora Feint forums]

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