AT&T’s $9 iPhone May Sell Alongside “iPhone 4S”

The iPhone, at the cheapest price it has ever been. For just $9 and a two-year contract/soul-selling commitment, AT&T customers can purchase a refurbished iPhone 3GS in the company’s retail stores and website.

A $49 deal can also be found for a brand new iPhone 3GS from the phone’s exclusive U.S. carrier (AT&T, of course). Even though it may be brand new, it has a loosely-antonymic quality making “old” attributable as well considering how Apple introduced the iPhone 3G’s speedier successor with a “[S]” tacked onto its name in 2009. Customers will be missing many of the iPhone’s recent claims to fame, including the Retina Display and FaceTime, that a more-recent iPhone 4 includes.

When a significant amount of inventory is available, Apple provides its own online store and carriers with refurbished iPhone 4 stock to put on-sale, but prices do not typically fall outside of a 25% discount. If that does not say that AT&T is reluctant to entice buyers to go older for cheaper for the sake of getting new contracts signed, then try to conceive a better plan for the carrier involving Apple candy.

A single-digit iPhone purchase from AT&T is something you can partake in right now. Drifting off into the rumor mill, the next few months may be when we see three distinct iPhone models sold at the same time. One of those being the iPhone 3GS, which then would reportedly be sold at a new no-commitment price of $349.

Running with the same source, “iPhone 4S” may have dimensions similar to that of the iPhone. Apple would have a more full-fledged mobile lineup, with a cheap iPhone 3GS, cheaper iPhone 4, and an iPhone 4S at the typical pricing of a current-generation iPhone.