AT&T Vice President Affirms October iPhone 5 Launch

I hope you are sitting down for this one: the Vice President of AT&T has affirmed an early October launch for iPhone 5. Oh wait, report after report has been mentioning that for months. At this point, it sounds like we have a timeframe set in stone.

A few lucky employees had been told about the October release by the Vice President. Apparently one of those may not have been tight-lipped enough. 

Of course, all segments of AT&T will be busier over the coming weeks as the new generation of the carrier’s most popular phone is released. Thus a couple managers have also been relayed the following message by the V.P., “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.”

We have no doubt that sources will continue to reiterate the release date week-after-week until iPhone 5 is officially announced. Ball’s in your court, Apple. Once it starts rolling we can stop speculating about the shiny new phone and speculate about iPhone 6 instead.

Among the upgrades expected for the new iPhone are faster hardware and a new design (the image featured on the top left of the article is a mock-up of what it may look like). Though no dates have been confirmed, Apple traditionally holds a keynote event in early September to announce key products for the holiday season. That’s not that long of a wait, right?