AT&T Upgrading Network Ahead Of “Unannounced” Product?

A mystery source at AT&T is allegedly reporting that AT&T is informing regional executives on an individual basis of upcoming changes to AT&T’s data network. The changes are supposedly to increase the networks ability to handle large increases in traffic that they expect to see following the release of some “unannounced” devices and future ones that will use “heavy data”.

The most obvious guess is that the unannounced and future devices mentioned are something Apple will be announcing at the quickly-approaching media event. However, it should be noted that the changes to the network may not necessarily be in the short-term, but could be projected in the future.

Still, while the network improvements may not be for what Apple is announcing later this month, the chances of it being an Apple device or devices are high, as AT&T’s network upgrades have been largely Apple product-motivated for the last three years.

[via BGR]

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