AT&T Trying To Get Users Back On iPhone 3G Plan

AT&T is going after iPhone 3G owners that have managed to end up with the wrong data plan. Apparently some users were able to weasel their way into a contract that was intended for a different device instead of the standard iPhone 3G data plan, and now they are trying to correct their errors and get those users onto the plans intended for the iPhone.

One user shared this email that was sent to them by AT&T:

Subject: Important information regarding your iPhone 3G

The new AT&T – Your world. Delivered.

Our service records indicate that you are using an iPhone 3G with a data plan designed for other devices.

To avoid unexpected data overage charges and enable Visual Voicemail, please contact your telecom manager, or an AT&T representative at 1-800-331-0500.

Thank you for choosing wireless from AT&T. We appreciate your business.

AT&T Customer Service

It doesn’t appear that they’re taking a hostile approach to the situation, but those of you who are getting their MEdia Net Unlimited for $15 should enjoy it while it lasts.

[via BGR]

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