AT&T to Roll Out 3G MicroCell Nationally Starting Mid April

AT&T announced today that they intend to begin offering the 3G MicroCell nationally starting mid April. If you missed our previous articles about the MicroCell, the device is designed to create a sort of personal cell tower in your home, allowing you to finally make calls on your iPhone if you live in an area where cell reception is poor. There is a one-time cost of $150 and no monthly fees, although for an additional $20 per month users can make unlimited phone calls using the MicroCell without using any of their phone’s voice plan minutes. There are two rebates available to bring down the cost of the MicroCell. Customers who opt for the additional monthly calling plan will receive a $100 rebate on the purchase of the MicroCell, and new subscribers to AT&T’s broadband service (DSL or U-Verse 1.5MB or higher) can receive a $50 rebate.

There are two opposing thoughts on this product. The first is that if you own an iPhone but live in an area with poor reception, this is a great opportunity to finally be able to use your iPhone. The opposing view says we shouldn’t pay AT&T more money for something we’re already paying them to do.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay another $150 to AT&T to use the service you’re already paying $100 per month (or more)? Or do you think $150 is a small price to pay to use your iPhone? Sound off in the comments.


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